Looking for Answers

Looking for Answers is a result of examining graphic design and art in process, form, function, and appearance. It is a realization and depiction of graphic design as the fusion of detailed planning and instinctual action, the combination of function and aesthetics, the journey of looking for answers.

In the gallery, 100 questions associated with the design process and 10 improvisational letterpress prints are displayed on separate walls. Where the walls meet is a book that binds these seemingly separate ideas together, showing that one cannot be complete without the other.

As my BFA thesis exhibition, the work completed for this project includes content generation, exhibition promotion, 10 letterpress prints (each in an edition of 16), an edition of 12 hand bound books, and gallery installation.

Letterpress prints were printed with wood type on loan to Indiana University from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum.

A description of the concept and installation follow the images of the work.

Prints and books are available for purchase. Contact me if interested.