37signals Holiday Gift 2011

Process video taken by Shaun Hildner of 37signals.

While working at SimpleHonestWork, I was given the responsibility of producing the 37signals holiday gift. Following the concept and design of Scott Thomas (SimpleScott), I was tasked with converting 40 old travel themed books into custom boxes to house the holiday gift for 37signals’ employees.

Each box was custom crafted to fit an old travel book. All boxes held a letterpress printed, wax sealed envelope containing a map with 16 locations highlighted – 16 destinations from which the 37signals employees could choose as their gift of travel. It was wonderful to have a hand in creating such a traditionally crafted gift for such a technologically-driven company.

View more photos of the project and the process of making these gifts.

An edition of 40 custom boxes made from old travel books. Each box contains a letterpress printed envelope and a two-color, hand inked map printed on a showcard press. These custom boxes and maps were the method by which 37signals delivered their 2011 holiday gift to each of their employees.

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