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0 37signals Holiday Gift

December 22, 2011 — 10:00 am

I’ve been living and working in Chicago for nearly six months now. Just last week I finished up a project at work where I had a large role in producing the holiday gift that 37signals would be giving their employees. This project included making 40 custom boxes out of old travel books and letterpress printing envelopes and book plates on a C&P and a two color map on a showcard press. After all the pieces were produced, the entire package was assembled and shipped. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to use my bookmaking skills and craft to produce a handmade product for such a technology driven company.

The video above was put together by Shaun Hildner of 37signals to document the process. Check out 37signals blog post about the project too!

0 Trip to Hamilton

October 20, 2011 — 8:14 pm

Early last month, Simple.Honest.Work. took a trip up to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI to hang out, get away from our computers, help out at the museum, and do some letterpress printing. This was my third time up to Hamilton and I was asked to make a fall themed football print for the museum to sell. After taking a look at some football cuts from the Globe Printing Collection, I got to work with only the day to make the print.

Buy a poster and help support Hamilton today!

0 Notebook Project Success

October 27, 2010 — 9:36 am

After Felt & Wire‘s launch of the Design Ignites Change Notebook Project, I was curious to see what kind of response my notebook would get. As a one (wo)man show, relatively fresh out of college and without having my own press, I felt a bit intimidated and yet very honored to be in a crowd of so many great printers. Soon after the sale of the notebooks started, I noticed my notebook had a few likes in the shop. That made me feel great but I figured it was probably just my mom and a friend or two who added the item as a favorite :)

With the launch of the project, Felt & Wire began featuring interviews with the designers and printers who participated in the project. It was at this time I realized my notebook was starting to be a success. Nothing feels quite as good as complete strangers’ comments about how your notebook is their favorite. Check out my interview here!

Right after my interview was featured, Felt & Wire began a contest to determine which notebook from the Feedback Loop was the crowd’s favorite. After a short week of people voting on facebook, my notebook was voted the favorite! As a wonderful and unexpected reward, I received an entire set of notebooks from the project. Upon opening the box, I was delighted to see the variety in construction and design and to find the little hidden elements that were not noticeable in the storefront photos.

If that all wasn’t enough, Felt & Wire’s featured collection last week was
curated by Kristin Appenbrink, the associate editor of
Upon taking a look, I came to find my notebook featured in her collection.
What a wonderful surprise.

I’ve been intending to start my process of selling at the Felt & Wire shop since before my participation in the Feedback Loop. After seeing the success of my notebook, I’m hopeful that other things I’ve created will be received just as well. I’ll try to get my work moved down to me in Indianapolis from Chicago very soon so I can start sharing my work with others.

In the meantime, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has supported the Notebook Project and to Felt & Wire for doing what they do so wonderfully.

2 Notebook Project Preview

September 7, 2010 — 10:00 am

The Design Ignites Change Notebook Project is set to launch on Wednesday, September 8th (tomorrow!). Since you’ll be seeing my notebooks very soon (along with those that the other letterpress printers have created) I thought I’d reveal photos of the entire process as well as details of the finished piece.

To see the photos of my process and finished notebooks, check out my flickr.

Be sure to head over to the Felt & Wire Shop on Wednesday when all the notebooks are up for sale. I’m excited to finally see what everyone has
been working on!

0 IU Exhibit at Hamilton

September 2, 2010 — 2:25 pm

Professor Paul Brown from Indiana University has provided the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum with many samples of letterpress work created by
IU students. On display until October 15th, the exhibit selections include a few of my broadsides that I printed during Paul Brown’s letterpress class at IU. Below are images of my prints that are currently on display at Hamilton.

This broadside was designed and printed to encourage voting registration while visually incorporating the idea of printing registration.

The above pair of broadsides were designed based on two different phobias: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia which is the fear of long words and chromophobia which is the fear of color.

Photos of the exhibit can be seen on Hamilton’s Facebook page.

0 Notebook Project Preview

August 16, 2010 — 3:00 am

I spent nearly 2.5 weeks working nonstop on my contribution to the Design Ignites Change Notebook Project. Here are a few photos as a preview to what
I have been up to. I’m excited to see what the other contributions look like regarding design and binding. The project will be launching on September 7.
Be sure to check in at the Felt & Wire blog in the upcoming weeks for previews and interviews with contributing letterpress printers.

0 Feedback Loop

July 14, 2010 — 4:56 pm

I’m excited to be taking part in the Design Ignites Change Notebook Project. It’s definitely going to be an intense two weeks of paper cutting, printing, traveling, and binding to make 50+ notebooks all by myself by August 1st.
I have designs started, supplies ordered and am just waiting for my paper to arrive! Look back here for updates and find the notebooks for sale on Mohawk Paper’s Felt & Wire Shop in September.

2 Improvisational Prints

May 18, 2010 — 5:51 pm

For my thesis, Looking for Answers, I decided to print a set of ten letterpress prints. While doing this, I set the guidelines for making each print of the set as the following: three layers/letterforms, a nearly monochromatic color scheme, and an almost completely covered composition.

Using large wood type that was on loan to Indiana University from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, I quickly realized that I wasn’t needing much make-ready. The type was in surprisingly great shape all around. In the back of my mind, I knew I’d end up with some pretty interesting color combinations and letterform compositions had I needed make-ready for every print. I wasn’t willing to miss out on this so I decided to cut down enough paper to have 60 sheets to play with layering different elements from different prints.

Once the standard run of prints for my thesis was completed, I would look around and pick different improvisational prints on which I’d add another layer. The above image is just one of the 60 prints. Though some are similar, all prints are unique in colors, letterforms, and compositions. I’ll be sharing more of these prints in the near future.

Prints are available for sale. Contact me if interested.