ideas, observations, and updates

0 Lightbox Typography

March 19, 2012 — 8:17 pm

I recently have been interested in the idea that oftentimes people don’t know something until it is revealed to them. To explore this idea tangibly, I wanted to use light to reveal or hide message.

The photos here display my first attempt at this lightbox-like project. Unclear of what my messaging should currently be, I use a question mark for the prototype. When the light is off it appears that the object is really just a framed white panel. Upon switching on the light, the typography is revealed. This is just the start to the idea. Perhaps I’ll find a message with meaning. If not, I’ll have an excuse to create some fun patterns and letters!

2 My 2010 Portfolio

February 13, 2011 — 10:59 pm

As a young designer, I have always been curious about how other designers present themselves in their personal portfolios. Because of this, I thought I’d provide a glimpse of the portfolio I created for myself after graduating college last year.

In designing my portfolio, I decided to create a handmade slipcase with magnetic closure to house four perfect bound portfolio books. In the past, as many people do in college, I had always used a larger format book that I would walk everyone through during an interview. In this new portfolio, I wanted a more interactive element (achieved by having multiple smaller copies) where people could see my work in their own hands while exploring the portfolio book design as well.

I decided to manufacture this portfolio completely on my own, using my Epson R1900 inkjet printer and my bookbinding skills. It was a long task that required many mock ups and a lot of planning but it was a very rewarding process. Seriously, if you’re reading this and you’re a designer, take a bookbinding course – it’ll be a great experience and you’ll learn something useful.

It seems like as soon as I finished creating my portfolio, I was called upon to use it and I (somewhat luckily) didn’t have to use it many times before I was employed full-time.