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October 25, 2010 — 10:43 am

I realized that it may seem like I disappeared for the past month…I did. I went through the process of moving from Chicago to Indianapolis for a job at in interactive design. After seeing my work you may be surprised that I didn’t say print, but you heard me right…full-time interactive design. It was very difficult to leave the community that I was getting to know in Chicago but I thought, what better way to learn something new than by doing something 100 percent at a place that is giving you a chance to learn?

The place is Vision3 Creative (V3 for short). It’s a small studio of 14 people
that has grown with four more since I arrived one month ago! V3 focuses on interactive media with a strong emphasis on touch-screen experiences.
They love the color orange (as indicated above by their logo) so I think it’s
a good fit. Oh, and the people and studio space are awesome as well.

I’m getting used to designing in pixels and haven’t yet adjusted to the idea of having nothing physically tangible upon the completion of a project. I think I’ll have to get busy with some of my own projects in my spare time!

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