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0 Notebook Project Preview

August 16, 2010 — 3:00 am

I spent nearly 2.5 weeks working nonstop on my contribution to the Design Ignites Change Notebook Project. Here are a few photos as a preview to what
I have been up to. I’m excited to see what the other contributions look like regarding design and binding. The project will be launching on September 7.
Be sure to check in at the Felt & Wire blog in the upcoming weeks for previews and interviews with contributing letterpress printers.

2 Rosa Loves & Reason to Give

August 11, 2010 — 8:30 am

After some reflection on my recent experiences, I want to share some
of the work I did during Camp Firebelly. For the project shown here, the concept and the man behind Rosa Loves combined with the goals and
the families of Reason to Give. We met with three families in the Humboldt
Park neighborhood and each of us designed a t-shirt inspired by their stories, struggles, and goals. After designing and printing our t-shirts, we organized
a fundraiser raffle to raise money for the families that inspired our designs.
It was a truly rewarding experience, especially knowing that I gave back to
the community I lived in for ten days.