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0 AIGA Snapshot 2009–2010

June 2, 2010 — 3:28 pm

On the same topic as my last post about Design Week, I thought I’d share some photos of the AIGA Chicago 2009–2010 Snapshot publication in case you haven’t seen it. The book was beautifully designed by Simple Truth and, after seeing the book and checking out more of their work, I could definitely see myself working for them.

As the recipient of the 2010 Student Enrichment Scholarship, I was featured on one of the spreads in the book. The spread displays examples of my student work as well as a paragraph about my design and education background (more photos follow). More importantly, the book features all kinds of amazing work from the Chicago area. After slowly admiring all of the work featured in the Snapshot and proceeding to check out everyone’s websites, I could see myself collaborating with or working for nearly all of the featured designers and design studios. I’m very excited to currently be in Chicago (however, completely willing to move across the country for the right job). It’s a good time right now and I’m very much anticipating seeing where the next few months bring me.

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