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1 AIGA Chicago Design Week

May 25, 2010 — 10:43 am

Last week was AIGA Chicago‘s Design week. After being at Indiana University for the past 4.5 years, it was great to finally meet some people in the design community of Chicago.

Wednesday night I attended the studio walk on the North Side of Chicago where I got to check out the spaces and work of Sonnenzimmer, Winterbureau, Someoddpilot, Rohner Letterpress, Threadless, and 50,000feet. It is refreshing to see the variety of work that’s being produced in such a small area of Chicago. After talking to some of the members of these studios, I have to admit that I still want to do it all—from letterpress production work and screen printing to designing for both print and digital media. Good thing I’m still young and just getting started!

Thursday night was the Annual Members Meeting at Salvage One where I met some wonderful people and had a great time. During the presentation, I enjoyed hearing stories about when Morningstar worked with Paul Rand to get their logo designed, learning more about the work and life of Arnold Goodwin, and listening to Kevin Lyons speak about what inspires him. Also, I was recognized as the recipient of the 2010 Student Enrichment Scholarship (in the photo above you can see me nervously coming up with things to say while accepting the award).

Friday night, I headed to We Are Famliy (a show of emerging talent in Chicago) and met more great people, including a few members of The Post Family.

Overall, it was a fun-filled week of great people and inspiring work. A big thank you to everyone who made AIGA Chicago’s Design Week happen!

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2 Improvisational Prints

May 18, 2010 — 5:51 pm

For my thesis, Looking for Answers, I decided to print a set of ten letterpress prints. While doing this, I set the guidelines for making each print of the set as the following: three layers/letterforms, a nearly monochromatic color scheme, and an almost completely covered composition.

Using large wood type that was on loan to Indiana University from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, I quickly realized that I wasn’t needing much make-ready. The type was in surprisingly great shape all around. In the back of my mind, I knew I’d end up with some pretty interesting color combinations and letterform compositions had I needed make-ready for every print. I wasn’t willing to miss out on this so I decided to cut down enough paper to have 60 sheets to play with layering different elements from different prints.

Once the standard run of prints for my thesis was completed, I would look around and pick different improvisational prints on which I’d add another layer. The above image is just one of the 60 prints. Though some are similar, all prints are unique in colors, letterforms, and compositions. I’ll be sharing more of these prints in the near future.

Prints are available for sale. Contact me if interested.

0 New site!

May 14, 2010 — 12:02 pm

After multiple designs and revisions and tests, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally finished my website. A big thank you goes out to John Wayne Hill for helping me get it up and running. Let me know if you’re experiencing any problems and I’ll work to get them fixed.

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